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Ashley Tarvis LSW

"Ashley Salemi Tarvis received her clinical social work license in June of 2023 after completing her master's degree in social work from Regis College. She is a seasoned mental health professional with nearly 15 years of experience in direct support roles in various treatment settings with diverse populations. Ashley is a certified mental health professional through the EAGALA model of equine-assisted therapy, holds certifications in youth mental health first aid and trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and is dedicated to transforming lives through holistic and alternative approaches.


Ashley's focus on trauma-informed care serves as the cornerstone of her practice. Through her deep understanding of diverse theoretical frameworks, she tailors her approach to each individual's unique needs. By weaving together these theoretical approaches, Ashley provides clients with a comprehensive and holistic path to healing and growth."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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