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My love of horses began at age 5. I have studied and owned them for over forty years, becoming a Level Two Graduate of Parelli Natural Horsemanship in 2016 (working on Level Three).


I became certified as an Equine Specialist (ES) in the Eagala Model in 2013. As an ES, my role is to provide physical safety and to follow the behavior of the horse(s) as they read and respond to the energy of the client. Being prey animals, horses have learned to survive in the wild by reading and responding to predators making horses well suited for this work. The horses quickly become metaphors in a clients story created in the arena. 

In 2018, I began Medicine Horse LLC at Silva Spirit Farm, teaming with licensed therapists to provide this experiential form of therapy. In 2018, I attended the training to become a Provider for RI Problem Gambling Services in order to offer Equine Therapy to Families impacted by Gambling Disorder. 


Medicine Horse LLC accepts private pay  (sliding scale available)


Equine therapy for families impacted by gambling disorder is funded through RI Problem Gambling.

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